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  Most everyone dreads cleaning.  I know that I have to be in the “cleaning mood” in order to get the house spic and span!  Certain things will make me want to clean, the break of good weather when Spring has sprung, rainy April days (if I can force myself out of my cozy bed […]

    Chi WOW WOW sent Lola some stylin’ duds from their Chi WOW WOW Signature Collection!  She’s sporting the Tattoo Studio Tokyo Tank Dress as well as the Chi WOW WOW Girl’s Rock Backpack!  The dress is super soft and features crystals all over the skull & flames screenprinted graphic.  It’s made of a […]

  Germs – they’re EVERYWHERE!  Even in places we don’t even think of or see.  Dapple Baby to the rescue!  Created by two Moms, it became their mission to find a better way – and create a line of products that were natural and safe for our babies.  Unlike most antibacterial sprays and wipes, Dapple […]

  Traveling with your pet can be quite dangerous.  I tried to put Lola in one of those plastic crates and she would just not have it!  She barked constantly, and let me tell you – she does not have a quiet bark!  When she wasn’t in her crate, she was constantly trying to jump […]

  “Go Green” – a phrase you hear everywhere nowadays, but are you actually doing something to help the environment?  b. happybags makes the most stylish and eco-friendly reusable bags on the market!  Unlike the plain boring ones that the grocery stores have to offer, b. happybags are a generous 15 x 12 x 8, […]

  I am officially smitten!  I have always loved chic office supplies, but now I’m pretty sure I’m obsessed!  Jacqueline Savage McFee has created a variety of collections of stylish and colorful office and school supplies, guaranteed to brighten up any desk!  When I opened the box filled with the yummy looking products, I couldn’t […]

      Usually when it’s time to wash my car, I get out the ole’ bucket, sponge, soap, and hose and get to work.  I never really even thought about waxing. I thought that waxing would take forever and be extremely messy, until I had the opportunity to try out FW1 Top Secret Wax!  […]