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I can remember when I was a young child, my mom taking all of us kids to Bradburn’s parent teacher store to get those school activity workbooks to do over the summer.  We never complained, we actually enjoyed brushing up on what we learned during the school year, so that when we returned in the […]

Click HERE to Enter for your chance to win a LEGO BIONICLE Acion Figure – Matoran Solek! THANK YOU LEGO FOR SPONSORING THIS FABULOUS GIVEAWAY! Contest Ends January 18th, 2008     Contest & Giveaway Rules: 1. All contests are open to residents of the U.S. ages 18 and up only. 2. Contests are one […]

The LEGO BIONICLE Theme is extremely popular this season!  The Toa Nuva is on a mighty mission, they must take to the skies to battle the evil, bat-like Makuta!  Together, they are the Phantoka.  We had the fun opportunity to review the Phantoka Toa Kopaka Lego Kit.  Once the kit is put together, you are […]

  I always keep my eye out for chic stationery and office products!  My Lady Shop has the perfect product to keep your week organized with these chic, stylish, Daily Grind letterpress file folders.  The set contains 6 folders each labeled with a different day of the week plus a weekend folder.  The folders each […]

  I’ve been a nanny for over eight years now, so I know what it’s like to CONSTANTLY be washing off pacifiers that have fallen to the ground, especially in public places!  Thanks to the Pat-a-Cake Baby Boutique, that is no longer a problem!  They have this ingenious item called the Pacifier Bib (Binky Bibs).  […]

  When these gorgeous brownies from Grassetto Leone reached our doorstep, it was hard to eat just one!  The brownies were incredibly decadent and dense, each one more tantalizing than the next!  With a variety of flavors to choose from including Rocky Road, Black Bottom (shown above), Turtle (my husband’s favorite), Extreme Chocolate, and many […]

  Don’t these Colossal Cashews look absolutely amazing?  Well let me tell you, they are!  Pear’s Gourmet Colossal Cashews are 2-3 times larger than regular cashews.  Each bite leaves has the most delectable crunch and just the right amount of salt.  The cashews are handpicked at their peak of ripeness and then roasted to golden […]

  I don’t know about you, but I can’t function in the morning without a few cups of coffee first.  I’ve had the opportunity to test out Pear’s Gourmet Columbia Supremo Coffee for the past few weeks, and I think I might be addicted!  It has a wonderful smooth, bold, robust flavor that you can’t […]

  When my husband and I cook, we use garlic in virtually everything!  Coming from an Italian household, garlic is practically a food group to me!  Spiceburst was so kind to send over a couple of their most popular spices for us to test out, one being their Garlic Saltburst.  It’s a wonderful combination of […]

  I am a sucker for spices!  That’s why I was super excited when Spiceburst sent me two of their most popular gourmet spices to try out!  The Chile Lime Saltburst is a wonderful mix of Portuguese sea salt, Arbol peppers, fresh-squeezed lime, and Turbinado sugar.  It has a tangy, slightly sweet flavor at first […]