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  KozyPal Cart Covers were created by Melissa, a work at home mom of 4 who has been sewing since as long as she can remember.  Her own personal use of other store bought cart covers were not living up to her standards or expectations so she decided to take matters into her own hands.  […]

  Who doesn’t love going to the spa?  Now everyone can enjoy a fun relaxing spa experience with the Spa Factory from JAKKS Pacific!  Your mini-me’s will love being “just like mom (or dad)” when they customize their own lip gloss, perfume, bath bombs, and facials – all while relaxing with the Spa Fantasy Aromatherapy […]

  I remember when I was a little girl, one of my favorite Birthday presents that I received was the Easy Bake Oven.  It was so much fun “baking” all by myself and serving others yummy treats!  JAKKS Pacific has gone one creative step further and introduced the Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker!  The cupcake maker […]

  OK, so I know I said in other posts that this is the year I’m going to get healthy – no more junk food etc.. .etc…  Well I have actually been pretty good and stuck to my resolution, and here’s why: there is a whole bunch of good for you snacks out there that, […]

  The Sleepy Wrap was invented by a Colorado Mom who was searching for a healthier and more natural alternative to baby strollers.  We all know that babies like to be held close to their mommy’s chest because it makes them feel warm and secure and  the Sleepy Wrap does just that!  The Sleepy Wrap […]

  Mulholland, a family owned business for 20 years, makes some of the most luxurious leather and leather trimmed goods on the market.  It began as a small collection of specialized leather field sport gear and has grown into a line that now contains a variety of collections including men’s, women’s, luggage, and golf fine […]

  Traveling with your pet can be quite dangerous.  I tried to put Lola in one of those plastic crates and she would just not have it!  She barked constantly, and let me tell you – she does not have a quiet bark!  When she wasn’t in her crate, she was constantly trying to jump […]

Click HERE to enter for your chance to win one of four b. happybags stylish reusable totes!   THANK YOU b. happybags FOR SPONSORING THIS FABULOUS GIVEAWAY! Contest Ends March 6th, 2009   Contest & Giveaway Rules: 1. All contests are open to residents of the U.S. ages 18 and up only. 2. Contests are one entry […]

  “Go Green” – a phrase you hear everywhere nowadays, but are you actually doing something to help the environment?  b. happybags makes the most stylish and eco-friendly reusable bags on the market!  Unlike the plain boring ones that the grocery stores have to offer, b. happybags are a generous 15 x 12 x 8, […]

  I was a very happy girl when I had the chance to try out Happeez from Mayfair Lane!  If your family owns a stainless steel fridge like mine does, you know that magnets are not a possibility – which bothers me because I love to hang up the occasional family photo, Christmas cards, or […]