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Looking for a place to dine this weekend?  The Olive Garden has the ever popular Never Ending Pasta Bowl complete with unlimited salad and breadsticks – but only until Sunday! So pack up the family and get out and enjoy all you can eat delicious pasta (with over 40 combinations) for only $8.95 per person! […]

  Looking for a large assortment of all of the latest and greatest Halloween Costumes for 2010? not only has a huge assortment for both adults and children – they also have amazing prices to match!  You can find all of the top costumes for 2010 with the click of a button!  Everything from […]

Talk about AMAZING software!  Office Mac 2008 has literally everything you need for everyday tasks to keep you on top of things!  I’ve been using it for a little over a month now and don’t know how I lived without it!  Office Mac 2008 includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Entourage – all four programs that […]

We all know how important our heath is, although sometimes it’s hard to keep track of our progress.  The DUO 1025 Heart Rate Monitor from Sportline makes it easy to monitor everything from calories burned, heart rate, it even has a fat-burning zone locator!  I love how easy the DUO is to use!  Just by […]

Have you ever wanted to design your own handbag or wallet?  Well now you can with the JennaClaire Handbag Studio!  JennaClaire provides a unique experience unlike any other.  With their easy to use 3 step process, you can have a custom designed handbag and accessories on your doorstep in no time!  Simply choose the style […]

Tired of the same old boring kids clothes that look the same?  Well you don’t have to be anymore thanks to Vyssan Lull (prounced vyyschan loull)!  Vyssan Lull stands for Swedish Lullaby, and they have an amazing selection of unique and beautiful Scandinavian designs that you will absolutely adore!  The clothing they offer comes from […]

Imagine everyones faces when you bring this GIANT 3-D cupcake to the table!  I absolutely adore this dimensions cake mold from Wilton!  Imagine the possibilities for decorating – whether it be for a Birthday, Holiday, Spring gathering, or Summer BBQ!  It’s so unique and will definitely spark a conversation the minute you bring it to the […]