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A stroller is one required accessory to have on hand when you have a baby.  While there are a variety of types on the market, when looking for a stroller you need to have a few key points in mind.  It must run smoothly, be lightweight, compact, and most importantly it must be comfortable for […]

Going on a camping trip or out trekking through the wilderness?  Then you’ll absolutely need the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger.  The SPOT is a life-saver in that it can notify your friends and family of your location  with the push of a button.  It works using Satellite technology which determines your location and status and […]

I’ve always been a huge fan of Simple Human products.  Not only do they feature a clean and stream-lined design, they are beautifully constructed for durability for our everyday tasks.  We had the wonderful opportunity to review the brand new Quick Grip Napkin Holder and Tension Arm Paper Towel Holder, both featuring eco-friendly bamboo.  Perfect […]