Review: Sportline DUO 1025 Heart Rate Monitor


We all know how important our heath is, although sometimes it’s hard to keep track of our progress.  The DUO 1025 Heart Rate Monitor from Sportline makes it easy to monitor everything from calories burned, heart rate, it even has a fat-burning zone locator!  I love how easy the DUO is to use!  Just by touching the watch your heart rate is delivered to you within seconds!  You can choose to use the watch with or without the chest belt.  It’s great to use when you want to continuously monitor your heart rate for activities such as running or cycling.  If you are just casually jogging or working out and constant heart monitoring isn’t necessary – you can choose to forgo the strap and just use the watch to check your heart rate whenever you want.  The watch has a large LCD for easy reading and feels comfortable around the wrist – I almost forgot I was even wearing it!  Other features include Intellitrack display which uses bars to show your current heart rate in relation to your target zone, memory mode which stores info from your last 7 workouts, 24 hour chronograph which times your workouts and allows you to save the laps/times from your previous workout, countdown timer, and much more!

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Description & Specs from Sportline:

The DUO 1025’s advanced technology allows for continuous and on-demand heart rate monitoring. Set our goals, and the large LCD, with Intelli-Track HR Zone Display, makes it easy to continuously monitor your workout.

  • Intelli-Track HR ZoneDisplay
  • Continuous Heart Rate
  • On-Demand Heart Rate
  • Any-Touch Technology
  • Wrist top + chest belt unit
  • Target HR zone selector
  • Fat-burning zone locator
  • % of Max HR indicator
  • Calories burned

* Please note that I was given this product for review on behalf of the company.  All opinions are entirely my own – others who may use this product may have a different opinion.  I was given no monetary compensation for this review.

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