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You haven’t exprerienced a perfect stroller until you lay your eyes on Baby Jogger’s 2011 City Select!  This thing is absolutely AMAZING and the best part – it’s incredibly easy to use!  It has just enough bells and whistles without being overdone.  The folks over at Baby Jogger really thought of everything when it comes […]

OK, so you must be living on another planet if you’ve never heard of i–ANYTHING!!  iPod, iPhone, etc etc…  I personally love iAnything which is why I am absolutely smitten with the gear from iStyle Originals!  They have everything from clothes for adults, babies, and kids – to shirts for dogs and accessories!  We had […]

I absolutely love designer kids clothes – and at Atterdag Kids, it’s literally your one stop shop!  You no longer have to waste a days worth of time browsing online, jumping from site to site searching for cute baby & kid clothes – or driving to a billion stores, which is especially hard for moms […]

A stroller is one required accessory to have on hand when you have a baby.  While there are a variety of types on the market, when looking for a stroller you need to have a few key points in mind.  It must run smoothly, be lightweight, compact, and most importantly it must be comfortable for […]

Review: Lolly


Check out this absolutely adorable onesie from Lolly!  Lolly is a company formed in 2009 by longtime friends Tamara (an artist/graphic designer) and Sabine (a stuntwoman).  We had the wonderful opportunity to check out the DDG (duck, duck, goose – get it 🙂 onesie – shown above.  The super soft onesie is made from 100% […]

As a parent, one of our number one concerns for our children is their safety.  This is especially apparent when out and about in the car.  Britax has an amazing line of car seats and strollers to help protect your precious little ones, including the Parkway SG Booster Car Seat.  The Parkway SG “features industry […]

Tired of the same old boring kids clothes that look the same?  Well you don’t have to be anymore thanks to Vyssan Lull (prounced vyyschan loull)!  Vyssan Lull stands for Swedish Lullaby, and they have an amazing selection of unique and beautiful Scandinavian designs that you will absolutely adore!  The clothing they offer comes from […]

I am absolutely in love with organic baby clothing.  There’s something incredible about the softness of it, not to mention the quality!  Tiny Ducky sent me a variety of baby garments to check out including a couple of onesies, a tee, a blanket and a beanie hat (so cute!!).  They are all absolutely adorable!  The […]

Stay With Me Socks are the most BRILLIANT idea I’ve seen in a long time!  I know from experience how hard it is to keep your little guy or gals socks on.  Every time you turn your head one seems to disappear!  The Stay With Me Socks completely fixes this problem thanks to the velcro […]

BOB Diaper Bag


MSRP: $65.00 When out and about with the baby, the functionality of your diaper bag is super important.  You need enough room and pockets to carry bottles, diapers & wipes, bibs, blankets, spare clothes, food, and the list goes on.  BOB Stroller makes the perfect diaper bag for all of baby’s necessities and more!  There’s […]