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As a parent, one of our number one concerns for our children is their safety.  This is especially apparent when out and about in the car.  Britax has an amazing line of car seats and strollers to help protect your precious little ones, including the Parkway SG Booster Car Seat.  The Parkway SG “features industry […]

  MSRP: $10.00 There’s nothing more personal than giving someone a monogrammed gift.  Items with monograms are just so unique and will make the PERFECT present this Holiday season.  Whether it be for family or friends or for the host or hostess, Tiny Tulip has a wonderful selection of personal, monogrammed gifts that will be […]

      Usually when it’s time to wash my car, I get out the ole’ bucket, sponge, soap, and hose and get to work.  I never really even thought about waxing. I thought that waxing would take forever and be extremely messy, until I had the opportunity to try out FW1 Top Secret Wax!  […]

  Our family consists of HUGE car enthusiasts!  In fact, my brother owns his own Mobile Car Detail Business.  Boy was he excited when I let him try out Jorgen’s “On the Go” Glovebox kit!  The kit consists of four 2 oz. bottles, one of each: Hyper Gloss Car Wash, Happy Ending Quick Detailer, Guard […]