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If you’re anything like me, than you can’t resist a big plate of yummy brownies – especially if their warm out of the oven!  The problem is, I like the ones with the chewy edges and those are usually the first ones to go!  Thanks to the Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan, there’s enough chewy edges […]

I’ll admit it – I’m a little bit techie!  I’m pretty good about figuring out computer systems and gadgets – my parents however, not so much.  They cringe at the thought of even pressing a wrong button and messing their entire PC up.  As much as I love electronics, simplicity is still a key factor […]

You’re pregnant!  Isn’t it such a miraculous thing?!?  Along with the joy however comes the stress of keeping track of appointments, calenders, checklists, and all of the other important things that need to be remembered.  Thanks to the Prego Planner from Braelyn Bounty Bug – you will not have to worry about missing a thing!  […]

Who says that “being green” can’t be stylish?  Three friends from Portland, Oregon set out to make that exact statement true – by coming up with the Green Chic Bag Company!  Their motivation was to reduce the impact of waste on the environment while at the same time designing something simple yet chic.  I was […]

Nordic Ware is a family owned American manufacturer of kitchenware products that was founded in 1946.  Known for their bundt pans and novelty bakeware, they have the perfect solutions for all of your fun Summer gatherings!  With pans like the Backyard Bugs Cake Pan, their Bouquet Pan, and the adorable Beehive Cake Pan (which fits […]

Can I just say how AMAZING this All-In-One Printer from Epson is!  I’ve been testing out the NX300 for almost 3 months now and was able to create an abundance of fun, colorful projects.  My sister is getting married in June (to my husband’s brother believe it or not – that’s right, sisters will be […]

When I was a kid growing up, I was always fascinated with those bug catchers that had the magnified tops.  I remember being so curious as to all the little parts that are invisible to the naked eye.  Carson Optical has the most amazing little gadget called the zOrb that kids of all ages will […]