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I absolutely am in LOVE with the Lifefactory glass water bottles!  Not only are they super cute, they are super safe — as in no chance of harmful bisphenol A, or in otherwords BPA, seeping into our drinks.  Along with the fact they are phthalate, PVC, and polycarbonate-free, they make the perfect beverage bottle!   […]

There’s nothing more important than staying hydrated, especially during the hot summer months when the heat can get the best of us!  SIGG reusable bottles not only look stylish – but their great for the earth too!  Forget all those plastic water bottles that just get thrown in the garbage.  SIGG Aluminum bottles can be […]

Going on a camping trip or out trekking through the wilderness?  Then you’ll absolutely need the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger.  The SPOT is a life-saver in that it can notify your friends and family of your location  with the push of a button.  It works using Satellite technology which determines your location and status and […]

We all know how important our heath is, although sometimes it’s hard to keep track of our progress.  The DUO 1025 Heart Rate Monitor from Sportline makes it easy to monitor everything from calories burned, heart rate, it even has a fat-burning zone locator!  I love how easy the DUO is to use!  Just by […]

The iPad Squish Skin with Squishy AIr-Filled Chambers  from Hard Candy Cases is absolutely amazing!  I received the pink Squish skin to review and couldn’t be more thrilled with the entire look and functionality of it!  It feels great in my hands and at the same time I know my iPad is being protected!  Compared […]

Ok, so you’ve bought the new super cool iPad – what better way to protect your investment than with a durable, stylish bag!  The Netbook/iPad Messenger bag from Skooba Designs is perfect!  It has plenty of pockets to hold not only your iPad but you cell phone, pens, notepads — even a water bottle!  I […]

As a parent, one of our number one concerns for our children is their safety.  This is especially apparent when out and about in the car.  Britax has an amazing line of car seats and strollers to help protect your precious little ones, including the Parkway SG Booster Car Seat.  The Parkway SG “features industry […]