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  Every where you turn there are energy drink mixes.  Some are in powder forms, some in tablets.  I recently had the opportunity to try out Zenergize DrinkTabs!  The 100% natural vitamin packed DrinkTabs are formulated to provide a truly convenient, enjoyable and effective nutrition solution to health conscious individuals.  The tabs come 10 to […]

We have a slight problem in our household: snoring.  My husband keeps me up night after night with his loud snores!  I barely get enough sleep and I just hate having to go into another room.  We’ve tried various remedies with no luck – until now.  We’ve been testing out the SnoreEzzz Snore Reduction Pillow, […]

  Germs – they’re EVERYWHERE!  Even in places we don’t even think of or see.  Dapple Baby to the rescue!  Created by two Moms, it became their mission to find a better way – and create a line of products that were natural and safe for our babies.  Unlike most antibacterial sprays and wipes, Dapple […]

If your baby started to choke would you know what to do?  Fortunately for the creator of the Home Pack from Baby MEDBASICS, she did.  Her son Nicholas began to choke one afternoon, and because she was a trained, registered nurse – she new the exact steps to take in that particular situation.  It made […]

  The dreadful tissue.  For some reason it makes our little ones run with terror or do “the head twist” as I like to call it, when your toddler thrusts their head from side to side, trying with all their might to get away from the billowy white thing floating in front of their face.  […]

  We recently had the opportunity to review the TOMtote combo tote from Lexie B Designs.  The TOM (time of the month) tote is a specially designed clutch that discreetly holds a combination of tampons and pads, all wrapped up with a grosgrain ribbon.  Each tote is 3 3/4″ x 6″ (folded) and comes in […]