Review: SnoreEzzz Snore Reduction Pillow



We have a slight problem in our household: snoring.  My husband keeps me up night after night with his loud snores!  I barely get enough sleep and I just hate having to go into another room.  We’ve tried various remedies with no luck – until now.  We’ve been testing out the SnoreEzzz Snore Reduction Pillow, a unique patented design with a two pillow system that gently raises the head and then rests the head in a cradle of soft hypoallergenic polyfill.  The special pillow supports the head and neck and cradles the head in comfort.  So far so good!  We’ve had over a month of quiet, snore-less nights!  Along with the SnoreEzzz pillow, you also get 3 free bonus items!  A 100% Cotton Pillow Case, a minEzzz Travel Pillow, and a “Sound Sleep” Music CD.  SnoreEzzz was a lifesaver for us (and a sanity saver)!  Available at


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