Review: KozyPal Cart Covers




KozyPal Cart Covers were created by Melissa, a work at home mom of 4 who has been sewing since as long as she can remember.  Her own personal use of other store bought cart covers were not living up to her standards or expectations so she decided to take matters into her own hands.  KozyPal Cart Covers are made to universally fit all grocery store shopping carts, including Costco’s and Sam’s ENORMOUS carts, as well as park swings, public strollers in malls and zoos, and restaurant high chairs and booster seats.  They come in a variety of stylish fabrics guaranteed to keep your child away from all the yucky germs and who knows what else that’s lingering on all those public surfaces.  Bees Who Buzz got to try out the Pistachio Damask KozyPal!  It was so soft and comfortable, it made me want to be a baby again so that I could sit in the cart (I’d never thought I’d say that since I can only remember the cold hard silver bars and how uncomfortable it made me feel)!  What’s neat about the KozyPal is that it’s super easy to transport and store.  It conveniently has two elastic straps attached that lets you roll it up and keep it securely bundled, making it easy to keep in the car without taking up too much space.  Each KozyPal includes a matching nylon safety belt and safety hook to keep your little one strapped in and secure as well as 2 toy loops and a Mommy bag.  There are also additional options you can add to customize your cover such as cup/bottle holders, leg flaps, pillows and more.  New from KozyPal is their personalization option.  A custom embroidered KozyPal makes a great gift!

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