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Traveling with your pet can be quite dangerous.  I tried to put Lola in one of those plastic crates and she would just not have it!  She barked constantly, and let me tell you – she does not have a quiet bark!  When she wasn’t in her crate, she was constantly trying to jump back and forth from the passenger seat to my lap.  I was always worried that she would somehow manage to get under my feet while I was driving.  Enter the award winning Sleepypod.  The Sleepypod is not only stylish and innovative, but it’s also extremely versatile!  It’s a pet carrier, bed, and car seat, all built into one! The Sleepypod features a removable mesh dome, a water resistant foam pad, and an ultra plush removable (machine washable) liner.  The pod itself is made of luggage-grade ballistic nylon and comes in a variety of great colors.  Sleepypod sent Lola the Blossom Pink pod! It’s a super bright and cheery color and 15% of sales from this particular color Sleepypod goes towards breast cancer research.  Sleepypod also offers additional add ons such as a warming pad that can be inserted underneath the liner, a cloupuff liner that adds an extra layer of fluffiness, and an airmesh hammock for those hot summer days.  The Sleepypod is available in both mini (for pets up to 7 lbs.) and regular sizes (for pets up to 15 lbs.) and is the perfect accessory for traveling – take it in the car, on the plane, even on a train!  It’s the only pet carrier you’ll ever need!  

Available in our Bees Who Buzz Amazon Store under Pets!

Click HERE to see videos of the Sleepypod Inside & Out and how to use the Sleepypod as a car seat!

Visit and enter code “beesbuzz09” to receive 10% off your order!  Coupon code valid until 6/30/09!

♥ Caring Cause: Sleepypod donates 15% of  sales from their Blossom Pink Sleepypod to Breast Cancer Research.






One Response to “Review: Sleepypod”

  1. 1 mavismolly

    Hello from Hong Kong. What a wonderful Pet Carrier, love the Sleepypod!

    I should check it out if they are sold over here. Is that your puppy?

    You’re cordially invited to visit Holly’s Blog, please do:


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