Review: Potty Tots Training Kits




We all know that potty training can be a difficult time for both you and your child.  The Potty Tots program is an innovative product that can help you with this important step in your child’s life.  The kits are available in either a girl version or a boy version and features a story/guide book, an animated DVD that features three original Potty Tots songs and two bonus music videos, an illustrated potty chart to track your child’s progress, and a “Toilet Bowl” reward game that clings.  The DVD & charts feature ethically diverse characters, allowing your child to identify and relate with one of their choosing.  The program teaches children to become more independent in potty training, to give them confidence and pride and at the same time making the learning experience fun.  The website offers helpful resources for both parents and kids including tips, potty humor, coloring pages and games.  There’s even an interactive section where your child can meet the Potty Tots!  With these wonderful tools, your little Potty Tot should be potty trained in no time!  

Available at


♥ Caring Cause: The staff and leaders at Potty Tots are helping to rescue orphans from the horrors of war and refugee camps in places like Darfur, Pakistan and Cambodia. They contribute time and resources to Warm Blankets Orphan Care International. You can change an orphan’s life too at



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