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It’s 2009 (can you believe it!) and this year my goal is to GET ORGANIZED with the help of Truly Mom!  Truly Mom is a fantastic company that was created by  four accomplished women with a positive outlook on life.  They have created a chic and stylish tri-fold planner that’s really like a portable desk on the go.  Inside the planner you’ll find useful pads (” my day” pad, ” my list” pad, “a note to” pad, and a post-it note pad) a pull out spiral bound calendar, a handy pocket, pen and address booklet –  everything you need to stay on top of you life as well as your kids throughout the year.  Click HERE to see inside the planner!  It stays closed with a hidden magnetic closure and there are an abundance of fabulous colors with gorgeous ribbons to choose from.  There are  three different planner materials to choose from: Majilite Leather, Patent Leather, and Microsatin.  We were “truly” lucky to have the opportunity to review the Majilite planner.  Majilite is an unbelievable leather-like material that is unsurpassed in its durability so that it can withstand our busy lives and still look fabulous. It doesn’t scratch, and most stains come off with proper care.  The Planner comes in three great colors: Black, Chocolate, and Hot Pink.  Truly Mom also has a great selection of beautiful custom stationery and gift wrap, as well as clothing and totes.  Available in our Bees Who Buzz Amazon Store under the category Stationery & More!


What’s even more incredible is the story behind Truly Mom and what inspired it to be the company it is today.  Here is the About Truly Mom from their website:


“Maria, and I were friends when cancer put my life into turmoil and me into a wheelchair. Along with my sister, Kristin, they stood by me through my treatment and rejoiced with me when I started walking again. During that time, they too were going through their own life struggles-at some point I guess every mom does.

So there we were, four accomplished yet changed women having deep conversations about the age-old topics of enjoying every moment, knowing what’s important and how to better organize our lives, but this time, with new insights, insights only these new challenges could have taught us.

We focused on what, in essence, truly is the heartbeat of what makes us all moms – whether we are working in an office or at home, it is the simple, silly things that give us the greatest pleasure. When I was incapacitated, it wasn’t my career or the paycheck that I missed. I longed for the simple things in life like packing my kids’ lunches and picking them up from school. When I finally got back on my feet, the four of us simply wanted to find a better way to appreciate the small joys that we get out of each day by making the entire harried part of the day just a little less complicated.

We think we may have done just that. We’ve created a smart and stylish tri-fold planner. Instead of the traditional binder-book planner that has everything from dizzying conversion charts to the medical history of your Aunt Gladis, we simply included what we felt moms truly needed.

There is a pullout month-to-month calendar, a phone number and address book, and four useful pads, including one to completely organize your day. We have a pad for lists, a “note from mom” pad, and a post-it note pad. It’s streamlined to be just what you need… a mini-portable desk to help you organize your time in the simplest, most efficient way possible.

It is our hope that this system betters your life and gives you more time to truly be a mom.”

Live life, embrace life, every day …


♥ Caring Cause: Truly Mom donates a portion of their profits to The Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation at UCLA!



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