Review: Lifefactory Beverage Bottles


I absolutely am in LOVE with the Lifefactory glass water bottles!  Not only are they super cute, they are super safe — as in no chance of harmful bisphenol A, or in otherwords BPA, seeping into our drinks.  Along with the fact they are phthalate, PVC, and polycarbonate-free, they make the perfect beverage bottle!   The design is incredible, featuring a sturdy glass bottle surrounded with a silicon sleeve with polka dots cut outs, making it a breeze to grip.  The wide mouth opening makes it easy to slip in ice cubes, lemon slices, ect – a feature I absolutely adore and other bottles lack.  The best part – the entire bottle and silicon sleeve are dishwasher safe!  Perfect for taking along in the car or on vacation – this bottle holds a generous 22oz of liquid to get you through the day!  The bottles come in six great colors to fit your lifestyle: Sky Blue, Red, Midnight Blue, Orange, Spring Green, and Pearl White.  Lifefactory also makes bottles for babies with the same style and quality as the larger beverage bottles, so you can feel confident in knowing and trusting that you are giving your child a safe and durable product.

Lifefactory Beverage Bottles available HERE!

About Lifefactory:

At Lifefactory we call ourselves Our environmentally friendly and health conscious products were created to provide consumers a choice in safe and well designed essentials for babies and adults. Lifefactory was started in 2007 by a pediatric feeding specialist, Pam Marcus, and an integrative designer, Daren Joy and is now a leading innovator in safe and developmentally appropriate juvenile products. Lifefactory launched with BPA-free glass baby bottles with patent pending silicone sleeves and is now the first company to introduce a collection of BPA-free reusable glass beverage bottles with patent pending silicone sleeves for adults.

Lifefactory fuses modern sensibility, eco-friendly composition, and exceptional utility to produce glass baby bottles, glass beverage bottles, and teethers that are free of known harmful chemicals including BPA, phthalates, and PVC.

*Please note that I was given this product for review on behalf of the company.  All opinions are entirely my own – others who may use this product may have a different opinion.  I was given no monetary compensation for this review.


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