Review: Convertible Designs


How neat is this T-Jack Beetle Bug jacket from Convertible Designs!  While it looks like just a jacket in the photo above, it actually has a multitude of uses!  Not only is it a super cool and colorful jacket, it can convert into a beetle pillow, a bag, a toy, — the possibilities are endless!  Have you ever been to a museum or fun activity center with your kids and you ended up with an armful of coats?  Not only is it a pain to carry around all of your kids jackets, but you end up working up a sweat yourself just by lugging all that extra weight around!  Never again thanks to Convertible Designs jackets!  You can easily transform their jacket into a one-of-a kind bag, perfect for storing souvenirs and other goodies you may pick up along the way!  Nap time at school?  The t-jack beetle will instantly transform into a comfy pillow with the help of the bottom half of the jacket and a zipper!  The detailing on this jacket is incredible, featuring bright colorful designs and beautiful material that makes some parts of the jacket shine blue and green just like a real beetle does!  This is truly a unique jacket that will have your child looking like the coolest bug on the block!  Available in sizes S (2-3 years), M (3-4 years), and L (4-5 years).  There are four designs to choose from: beetle (shown above, ladybug, turtle, and frog.

Besides these ultra cool jackets – Convertible Designs has a great selection of comfortable  tees, and fun accessories and toys!

Description and Highlights from Convertible Designs:

Our T-Jacks are made to mimic the real living things with details and forms translated with embroidery and special fabrics.  The eyes of the animals are simply mesmerizing.  The blues of the bugs and yellow of the turtle and frog, they are beautiful and magical.  Imported from Italy, there they are truly Italian eyes. T-Jack is a patented, animal-inspired jacket that transforms into a toy/pillow or a bag. It provides fun and fashion for kids, and function for parents!

Beetle Calligrapha was a prototype for this jacket. The bright blues and iridescent lime green colors and embroidery work of the Beetle makes this jacket an instant attraction for kids and adults alike. Convert the jacket into a soft pillow toy with a help of the bottom half and a zipper, and enjoy its large appliqué of the Beetle wings with semi-detachable head, beautiful blue eyes, and detailed legs. Resemblance to the real Beetle makes this T-Jack suitable for both the boys and girls and favorite for collectors and lovers of the Beetles.

Each T-Jack has multiple uses:

• Transform the jacket into a bag while at the mall or museum to enjoy your activities while keeping hands free

• Use the jacket as a toy to create a world of imagination for your child

• Convert the jacket into a pillow in warmer weather and let it enhance the décor of any child’s room

• Or simply keep the T-Jack as a childhood memory

Other product highlights:

• Detachable hood, inseam pockets and droptail hem

• Adjustable cuffs and hidden zipper front with black contrast bands

• Stand-up color and inner rib cuff for the wind protection

• Detachable shoulder strap for bag transformation

*Please note that I was given this product for review on behalf of the company.  All opinions are entirely my own – others who may use this product may have a different opinion.  I was given no monetary compensation for this review.


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