iLuv Shake and Wake Alarm Clock


MSRP: $59.99

My husband is an incredibly heavy sleeper!  I could yell to my little hearts content for him to get up – and he won’t budge!  I swear he’s like a child sometimes!  That’s why I was so excited to try out the iLuv Shake and Wake Alarm Clock!  The Shake and Wake not only charges and plays your iPod, but has a small device that you can set under your pillow or on your bed that vibrates the bed to wake up even the heaviest sleepers ( my husband)!  The sound is fantastic and surprisingly clear!  The clock supports all types of dockable iPods and the LED digital clock is easy to read thanks to the large size – no more squinting!  The clock is available in black, white, pink, or blue and you have the option to waking to FM radio, your iPod, the bed shaker, or buzzer.

Available HERE!


· Wake up every morning to bed shaker and your favorite music

· Built-in speakers allow you to hear your music with depth and clarity

· Large display; easy to read

· Auxiliary line input for any audio devices with 3.5mm jack

· LCD dimmer level control (10 steps)

· Audio output: 2.5WRMS + 2.5WRMS: 5WRMS / 10WPEAK


· Enjoy rich sound from your iPod

· Plays and charges your iPod

· Integrated universal dock for your iPod

Digital Dual Alarm Clock

· Digital clock display with dual alarm clock

· Bed shaker vibrates a bed or a pillow to wake up the heaviest sleepers

· Wake to iPod, FM radio, buzzer, or bed shaker

· Sleep to iPod, FM radio


· FM radio

· PLL digital tuning technology

· Programmable presets for 10 radio stations

* Please note that I was given this product for review on behalf of the company.  All opinions are entirely my own – others who may use this product may have a different opinion.  I was given no monetary compensation for this review.


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