Review: The Shred Sled



MSRP: $119.99

There’s only one word for the Shred Sled: AWESOME!  A mix between a skateboard and a snowboard, the Shred Sled combines two boards connected by a flexible connector which allows both boards to rotate around the vertical and horizontal axes.  The 4 inline wheels (think rollerblades) makes for a smooth and effortless ride for both kids and adults!  I love that not only is it a blast, it’s a great work-out as well!  Instead of just using your legs like on a regular skateboard, you use pretty much your whole body, including your arms, legs, and hips to navigate the board.  So pretty much it looks as if your surfing or snowboarding on land!  The little eight year old guy I nanny, Patrick, was shredding in no time at all!  Once he got the feel of it, he was gliding around the neighborhood like a pro!  It looked like so much fun I had to try for myself!  It really was fun and easy, now to perfect some rad moves & tricks!!  This is going to be a

Click HERE to watch the Shred Sled in action!

Features of the Shred Sled from

•It brings the thrills and carving movements of snowboarding to the streets.

•It has a cool feel–combination of snowboarding and skateboarding.

•Can quickly go uphill. It’s easy
to propel the SHRED SLED. You don’t even have to push off!

•4 INLINE wheels have much more control than 2 wheels.

•The 4-80mm polyurethane wheels and ABEC-5 Bearings are SMOOTHER and STRONGER and rarely need to be replaced. (unlike other boards)

•The concave decks make for better foot control.

The Shred Sled is SMOOTHER AND EASIER than older 2-wheel boards.

Always make sure to wear a helmet and protective gear!

Available HERE!

* Please note that I was given this product for review on behalf of the company.  All opinions are entirely my own – others who may use this product may have a different opinion.  I was given no monetary compensation for this review.



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