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As parents we all know that the most important job we have is to make sure that our children are healthy, happy, and loved at all times.  Thanks to KidzMed, we have some of the necessary tools to help us with these tasks.  The Thermofocus 5-in-1 Non-Contact Thermometer is amazing in that it allows you to take an accurate body temperature without even touching the skin!  You can even take their temperature while they sleep so not to disturb them from their slumber!  I always remember being uncomfortable as a child  – waiting the 2 minutes that seemed a lifetime until the reading was complete.  The way the Thermofocus works is easy – press the “face” button to turn the device on until the display shows a face symbol with the words “ready” above it.  Aim the thermometer light close to the forehead, about 3 cm away, release the button and there you have it!  An accurately read temperature without even touching the patient!  There are also other uses and benefits of the Thermofocus 5-in-1 Thermometer including:

•Thermofocus 5-in-1 Non-Contact Thermometer can be used on your child, food, formula, bath, and the nursery.

•Non-invasive, non-irritating.

•Uses totally harmless and safe infrared technology

•9 memory function

•Used and recommended by Mom’s and pediatricians in the US, Europe and UK

•FDA approved

•Takes forehead, navel, armpit or neck readings

•Fahrenheit or Celsius digital LED display

•Over 10,000 readings using 4 AAA batteries (not     included)

•Instantaneous accurate readings

•Totally hygienic needing no expensive probe covers

•Accurate to within +/- 0.4°F with normal usage

•Easily read ambient temperature and that of other objects as well

•Patented global technology

Mommy Recorder

Another great product from KidzMed is the Mommy Recorder!  The Mommy recorder is a unique device that allows mom or dad to record a 6 second message that calms the little one down when they are upset.  Simply press and hold the record button, say what ever you would like in six seconds or less and thats’s it!  Whenever the baby cries, the Mommy Recorder will repeat the message 8 times.  It easily mounts to the baby’s crib and there is even a night light function that when pressed will light up the crib for about 3 minutes!


Have you ever drawn your baby a bath, but wasn’t sure if it might be too warm for their sensitive skin?  The ScaldSafe Bath Thermometer is the perfect tool to ensure a perfect bath every time!  Simply dip the ScaldSafe bath ring in the water and the disc will change colors indicating whether the water is too hot or just right!  If the disc stays purple (the color it was to begin with) then the water is below 93.2 degrees, if it is tinged with pink, the water is exactly 93.2 degrees, and if the disc is bright pink – the water is too hot (over 93.2 degrees) and needs to be adjusted accordingly.  What’s great is that the disc can be left in the water for constant safe monitoring!  When cooled, it returns to it’s original purple color.

5005Ever tried to give your baby medicine, just to have them spit it out?  KidzMed has a genius solution – the Medicine Dispenser!  What may look like an ordinary pacifier is actually a helpful way to make sure your child’s getting the medicine they need.  Simply fill the pacifier chamber with the correct dosage of medication and a small channel inside the nipple allows the baby to take the medicine while sucking normally.  There’s no loose parts or sharp edges to harm your child.  The reservoir holds up to 5mL and has volume indications at 2.5 mL and 5 mL (1/2 and 1 tsp). For giving larger doses, there is an opening behind the nipple that can be used with a syringe.


Everyone knows that a new addition to the family can not be so welcoming for your other little ones.  KidzMed had a wonderful DVD called “Dr. Bip’s New Baby Tips” that is designed to help parents make a smooth transition for everyone when the new baby comes home!  The DVD focuses on from before the baby is born to all of the changes that occur after the baby is brought home from the hospital.  The video is filled with a wonderful upbeat and bouncy rhyme that will capture any young child’s attention.  It helps to address not only the emotional aspects but the common safety ones as well such as covering your mouth when you sneeze around the infant.   Another great DVD from KidzMed is “A Hospital Trip With Dr. Bip.” This video guides you through a visit through the hospital for an operation.  It allows children to feel comfortable in a situation that would normally make them nervous or apprehensive.

All of these greta products and more are available at



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