Review: SafetyMate Talking First Aid Device



As a nanny and a parent, you need to be prepared at all times for when an emergency situation may arise.  Even if you’re trained in CPR as well as a number of other first aid issues, you never know when you might panic and forget everything you have learned over the years.  The SafetyMate Talking First Aid Kit is just the reassurance you need to get you through those tough medical situations.  The SafetyMate is a handheld interactive first aid guide that can benefit everyone in the family!  The device is extremely easy to read with eight themed categories including:


You simply press the button next to whatever symptoms the individual may be having and a voice immediately begins to talk you through step-by-step care instructions.  You may occasionally have to answer a yes or no question in which you press the large yes/no buttons on the bottom of the device.  This allows your instructor to better understand your situation and circumstance.  Not only will you be prepared with the SafetyMate by your side, but you’ll feels safer leaving kids with the babysitter as well!  Available at

Great practical gift for the new mom or mommy-to-be!

To see a demonstration of the SafetyMate, click HERE!

About SafetyMate:

“Just moments after the birth of his daughter, David Feder was faced with a frightening and potentially life-altering medical emergency. His newborn baby girl, Madeline, only 20 minutes old, suddenly stopped breathing. Although David had taken CPR just a few years prior, he still felt helpless and paralyzed. Fortunately, they were in a hospital with trained professionals and within minutes, a nurse performed the appropriate steps to start the infant’s breathing again. Baby Madeline’s life was saved.

David could not shake this terrifying experience. He asked himself, “What if I had not been in a hospital? Would I have known what to do to try to save my daughter’s life?” It was that instant that David committed himself to developing an infant and toddler safety device to help prepare him, his new family, and others to respond quickly and effectively in a medical emergency.

And so on that day, along with the birth of Madeline, the idea of SafetyMate was born.”



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