Review: Born Cool Baby



The name says it all – Born Cool Baby has everything you need for – well, the baby that was born cool!  We’re talking awesome Rock T-shirts and Onesies like the KISS one shown above.  They have a great selection of your favorite rock band legends including Metallica, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, AC/DC, and lots more!  That’s not all, Born Cool Baby also has a ton of great gifts that are just as cool as they are unique!  Whether your little rock star loves to dress punk, urban, trendy, or rock n’ roll, there’s something to fit every style and personality!  Have an upcoming baby shower to go to?  Check out Born Cool Baby’s Gifts and Accessories section for a unique gift that will have everyone wanting one!  Available at

About Born Cool Baby:

“Born Cool Baby is the brainchild of Michelle Montoya. After the birth of her son, Jonah, she quickly realized that baby clothing (especially for boys) is quite limited. Not being the “sports type”, she found it strange to put little Jonah in sports themed clothing which seems to be the main focus of the boy clothes market. Not being one to follow commercial trends and spoon-fed style, she found it even more unappealing to dress him in the latest animated character. So, she started designing her own line of children’s clothing. The immediate feedback was inspirational. It seemed everyone who had children or even knew someone who had children was craving something different in kids clothes. Michelle got busy creating designs drawing from her own experience in the fashion field and from several years as a lead singer, songwriter in the metro Seattle music scene. Soon the concept grew to be too much for one mom to handle. Michelle joined forces with her niece, Kenda Sipma. Kenda’s sewing and embroidery expertise took the designs to a new level of quality. The two now design and produce high quality, unique designs for children from newborn to teens. They are constantly changing and adding to the line. Best of all, Born Cool Baby enables Michelle to spend more time with baby Jonah as well as teen daughters Kylie and Taryn while Kenda is able to stay home with daughters, Jolee and Joslyn.”



One Response to “Review: Born Cool Baby”

  1. The kiss shirt is cute. And it’s even quite clever for its being ironic. Great stuff.

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