Review: Taylor Shellfish Farms


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There’s nothing like a tray full of good ole’ raw oysters!  Taylor Shellfish Farms has been farming oysters since the 1880’s.  They have now been growing shellfish for over 100 years and are the largest Manila clam producer in the US.  We were sent three of their Kumamoto Oysters as well as three dozen of their Extra Small Pacific’s to try.  Absolutely AMAZING!  Words can not even express how incredibly fresh and smooth they were!  Even the shells were gorgeous!  There’s a good reason for this: Taylor Shellfish Farms nurture the growing shellfish, from the moment the seed leaves their hatchery to the day a crop is harvested, they protect them from predators and work to ensure that the waters of the Sound remain clean and clear.  This obviously tells you something about how the quality of the shellfish are going to be!  I brought all six dozen of the oysters over to a family gathering (boy were they thrilled) and we had a big shucking party!  The Kumamoto Oysters (shown above) are known for their smooth texture and sweet fruity flavor.  They have deeply cupped and highly sculptured fluted shells which make them perfect for serving on the half-shell, which is exactly what we did!

Oyster PACIFIC small-04

We did the same for the Extra Small Pacifics (shown above).  Mild in flavor and just as delicious, these are wonderful on the half-shell as well as cooked and with a nice crisp glass of chilled white wine.  Marco of Taylor Shellfish was super friendly giving me tips on how to store the oysters and keep them fresh.  He even sent over a helpful YouTube video on how to properly shuck the shellfish!   Taylor Shellfish Farms have a variety of amazing shellfish to choose from including mussels, clams, and geoduck.  They also have the rare, world-renowned Olympia Oysters.  I’m assuming your mouths are probably watering now – well guess what, you can order the delicious shellfish online at from the Taylor Shellfish Store!  Visit to learn more!


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