Review: CamoVision Eyewear



Does dad love to hunt?  Then he knows how important it is to blend in with the background by using camo gear.  What everyone forgets about however is to camouflage the eyes.  Not anymore thanks to CamoVision Eyewear! CamoVision uses state-of-the-art technology which bonds camouflage pattern to the lenses without interfering with the hunters ability to see or obstruct the field of vision.  There are a ton of great patterns available including the RealTree and Mossy Oak patterns.  did you know that man is the only animal besides the moose in the woods with whites in our eyes?  This allows animals to easily detect your presence and automatically consider you a threat.  With CamoVision Eyewear, you are completely hidden – ou can clearly see out, but nothing can see in.  It’s like your completely invisible in the woods!  Available at

Features of CamoVision Eyewear:

Lightweight Durable Frames

8 Camo Lens Patterns

Optional AR Coating

Polycarbonate Lens

UV Protected Lens




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