Review: Vinturi Wine Aerator



I guess you could call me a wino – and I’m proud of it!  There’s nothing better than sitting down after a long, hard day and enjoying a nice glass of wine.  The red wine Vinturi Aerator enhances this pleasure by drawing in just the right amount of air allowing your bottle of vino to breath instantly!  This gives your wine a better bouquet, enhanced flavors and a smoother finish.  Everyone knows that wine that is allowed to breath definitely has a better quality that you can taste.  The Vinturi Aerator works way faster than a decanter and is perfect for newer aged wines.  It even comes with its own no-drip stand and  travel pouch for sipping on-th-go!  My husband and I did a blind taste test – we each tried two glasses – one that had been poured straight from the bottle and the other than had been poured through the aerator.  WOW – what a difference it made!  It was unbelievable how much smoother and appealing the wine that had been “vinturified” was!  This wold bake a wonderful gift for the wine lover you know!  Vinturi also has a brand new aerator made specifically for white wine!  Both the red and whote aerators are available at



One Response to “Review: Vinturi Wine Aerator”

  1. I agree nothing better after a long hard day but to relax with your favorite wine. Thanks for the review I never heard of the Aerator before now.

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