Review: Giovanni’s Fish Market & Galley



Looking for the freshest fish and seafood around – look no further that Giovanni’s Fish Market & Galley!  Located in the heart of Morro Bay’s historic waterfront in California, Giovanni’s has been family owned and operated for over 25 years.  If was founded by Mike DeGarimore, a retired businessman and abalone diver since the 1960’s.  What’s amazing about Giovanni’s is that you can order from a variety of the freshest seafood and have it on your doorstep the next day!  We tried an amazing sampling of seafood including king crab legs, smoked salmon, caviar, yellow tail, and sushi grade ahi tuna and were amazed and how delicious and fresh it was!  The king crab legs were HUGE and Giovanni’s hits it on the nail when they say they look more like Louisville Sluggers!  They were packed full with the sweet and slightly salty meat and our mouths literally started watering just at the sight of them!




The smoked salmon was absolutely delicious with a slight hint of brown sugar and soy sauce.  Made from a third generation family recipe, it was moist and rich and just the most beautiful color!




The “Tsar Nicoulai Estate Osetra” caviar was the first thing my husband lunged for upon opening the box!  The Osetra roe is raised from white sturgeon native to the Sacramento River and has such a great flavor.  I was a little hesitant at first because I’m not much of a caviar fan – but I was pleasantly surprised at how delicate tasting this was!  The greenish-black eggs carry a walnut undertone and has a wonderful creamy texture to it.





The Kanpachi Fillet or yellowtail comes from a young fish and ranges in color from a pale ivory to a barely-there pink.  It was super fresh and a wonderful rich taste to it.  According to Giovanni’s – when Kanpachi is fresh it’s soft, smooth, and rich as butter and they are exactly right!  A real treat!





And lastly, the amazing sushi grade ahi tuna!  Also known as yellowfin tuna, its purplish flesh and sweet meat are perfect for sushi lovers like myself and my husband but also amazing seared and rare on the inside.  We tried a little both ways – we are currently into making our own sushi so we cut it in half and ate some raw as sushi and then seared the other to perfection!  Everything we tried from Giovanni’s was 100% amazing and we would definitely recommend it to all seafood lovers out there!  All of these fantastic fresh selections and more are available at  









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