Review: VitaClay Chef Rice & Slow Cooker



Does dad love to cook, but doesn’t have much time?  This Father’s Day give him the amazing Vitaclay Chef Gourmet Rice N’ Slow Cooker!  The Vitaclay is made of natural, unglazed Zisha clay which enhances the flavor and preserves natural nutrients in dishes.  Just like any other slow cooker, the VitaClay Chef Gourmet Cooker is fully programmable.  You can make savory stews, fluffy rice, and lots, lots more all in the convenient, natural clay pot without worrying about added lead and Teflon from non-stick chemical glazes.  The stylish up-to-date brushed stainless steel outside makes a sleek addition to kitchens.  Available at  



• All-natural pure clay captures fresher flavor and uses less energy

• Preserves natural juices, all the essential nutrients and vitamins.

• Free of added lead and Teflon® from non-stick chemical glazes

• Requires less liquid, eliminating the need for heavy seasoning and fats

• Slow cooking breakthrough innovation – up to 4 times faster to bring to a boil than conventional slow cookers, then slowly simmer to gourmet perfection, sealing in flavor and retaining texture

• Saves up to 50% energy in slow cooking

• Pre-programmed for savory stews, delicious soups and porridge, white, brown, sweet rice, and whole grain rice

• Slow Cooking time can be programmed up to 5 hours

• Large LCD clock & 24-hour preset timer let you set it and go

• Automatically keeps warm for up to 20 hours

• Available in size: 8-cup rice / 4.2-slow cooker or 6-cup rice / 3.2-quart slow cooker. Rice paddle & measuring cup included

• FREE international recipe booklet featuring 30 original recipes by VitaClay Chef Suzanne



About Electric Clay Slow Cooking:

“THE MAGIC OF CLAY SLOW COOKING HAS NOW ARRIVED, WITH AN ELECTRIC ENHANCEMENT”. Cooking at a perfectly computerized balance of temperature within breathing porous clay brings out its extraordinary texture and flavor. Natural Zisha clay, the legendary secret behind the new VitaClay™ Chef, was formed over thousands of years by cleansing rainfalls that scrubbed the mountains in southern China, releasing minerals into lakes and forming huge beds of Zisha, known as the “Pride of China”.



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