Review: Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool System



I’m pretty sure I don’t know one guy who doesn’t love to play with power tools!  The new Multi-Max Oscillating Tool from Dremel is the perfect gift this Father’s Day for the dad who loves a little DIY action!  The multitasking tool offers solutions to many projects around the house including repairs, remodeling, and restoring.  The fast and effective tool boasts a powerful 1.5 amp motor and is perfect whether he’s cutting, grinding, scraping, sanding, or removing grout.  The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to get into tight crevices while the ergonomic grip allows for balanced control and optimal comfort.  There’s even a separate on/off switch that maintains the speed setting after the tool is shut down.  The tool and accessories all come packed in a convenient carrying case so it’s easy to bring along if you are on the go – you never know when a DIY moment might arise!  Available at 


Included in this kit:

•Dremel Multi-Max tool

•Flexible Scraper Blade, MM610

•¾” Wood Flush Cut Blade, MM440

•3” Wood and Drywall Saw Blade, MM450

•Hook and Loop Pad, MM11

•60, 120, and 240 Grit Paper, Wood, MM70W

•Storage Case

•Getting Started Booklet


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  1. nice! i’m gonna make my own blog

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