Review: Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan



If you’re anything like me, than you can’t resist a big plate of yummy brownies – especially if their warm out of the oven!  The problem is, I like the ones with the chewy edges and those are usually the first ones to go!  Thanks to the Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan, there’s enough chewy edges for everyone to enjoy!  The uniquely shaped pan gives each brownie, cookie bar, or bread not one, but TWO delicious chewy edges!  The patented interior sidewalls circulate heat evenly allowing for better performance and the premium nonstick coating makes clean up a breeze!  The pan is sized to fit most box mixes with no adjustments needed so it’s easy to whip up a batch of chewy edged bars in no time!  The Edge Pan is not just for sweets however, you can even make lasagna for a unique twist on dinner!  The pan comes with a custom spatula along with delicious recipe ideas and instructions.  Visit to see an animated video featuring the Edge Brownie Pan!  Makes a great gift for all edge lovers!   




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