Review: Twisted Grandma Pretzels



How can you possibly resist a twist like this (say that 5 times fast!)  Twisted Grandma pretzels are not your ordinary salty snack.  The pretzels pack the most incredible buttery garlic taste – made with a rich buttery flavor, roasted garlic, and a secret blend of spices sure to make any mouth happy!  If you want a more tongue tingling experience, try Twisted Grandma’s Mild or Spicy varieties!  Made with the same Buttery Garlic Goodness taste with an added kick or two of spice!  Perfect for cocktail parties or game night, Twisted Grandma pretzels are sure to delight!  Available at

About Twisted Grandma Pretzels:

“Far away in the cold north country of Eveleth, Minnesota, where cooks are known for their casseroles and hotdishes, there lived one crazy grandma who always did things a little different. From the tips of her blonde spiky hair down to her one tattooed toe, she was not your average grandma.

This twisted grandma had a recipe for the most delectable savory snack pretzels, which she shared with the daughter who then shared it with the granddaughter. These pretzels are buttery and garlicky and downright addicting! The granddaughter made batches and batches of these pretzels for friends and family near and far, and the requests couldn’t be filled fast enough. It seemed no one could get enough of these fabulous little pretzels. That’s when Twisted Grandma was born! We want everyone to enjoy our twisted pretzels. So go on, give them a try. We bet you can’t resist the twist!”



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