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These Grace style shoes from Pediped are perfect for sunny Spring and Summer days!  The Mary Jane styled shoes feature soft, cushioned leather soles made with a double layer of leather plus a foam pad on the sole for extra cushioning.  I absolutely love pink and brown together, so of course I am smitten with this darling polka dot pair!  They have the most delicate pink bow on the top for the perfect dainty touch!  The shoes have easy velcro fasteners that make then super easy to get off and on – even with just one hand, as most moms and dads usually have juggling the kids, diaper bag, jackets and coats, and trying to get out the door at the same time!  Pediped footwear is designed with style, comfort, and quality in mind – all important things for our little youngsters with growing tootsies!  All of Pediped’s shoes are approved by podiatrists and are smart option for parents who are concerned with the long-term development of their children’s feet.  There are a variety of stylish designs available in Pediped’s Original Collection as well as Pediped’s Flex line.  The Flex collection is perfect for the next stages in footwear, it features shoes with a larger rubber sole that is soft and flexible which provides maximum flexibility and supports natural foot motion.  Available at



One Response to “Review: Pediped”

  1. I love the designs of their shoes–simple and classic. We own a pair of the Ethans, which are so adorable. However, I find that my son slips a lot in them, since the sole is smooth. He’s an early walker, so maybe these are meant for pre-walkers, but I wish they’d put some rubber skids or something on the bottom of the shoes. I really want to put the Pedipeds on my son, but usually end up putting on the Smaller See Kai Run shoes instead, since they have more “grippy-ness” on the soles.

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