Review: Tarte Cosmetics



Look your best this Spring with Tarte’s spring greening

limited-edition reuseable straw palette!  I was so excited to have the opportunity to try this adorable palette along with some of Tarte’s other popular products for the Spring season.  The palette contains a bamboo eyeshadow brush along with 6 vibrant eyeshadows in colors: Sparkling copper peach,Sparkling vibrant teal, Sparkling golden bronze, Sparkling soft pink, Sparkling golden lime, and Sparkling lilac.  It also has 3 vivacious t5 infused lipglosses in shades Sparkling bubblegum pink, Sparkling nearly nude, and Sparkling peach.  The compact is composed of sustainable straw to help protect and replenish the Earth’s natural resources.  I loved every single color in this palette as they are flattering for all skin types!  The Tarte website even gives you ideas on what to do with the compact after you have used it, use it for a business card holder, craft box, jewelry case, and more!  Click here to see the 7 skinvigorating ingredients formulated in this palette!





One of Tarte’s best sellers is their a perfect whirled limited-edition natural swirl cheek stain.  I loved everything about this cheek stain including the candy striped packaging!  The stain is the perfect shade for all skin types leaving a beautiful shimmery seashell-pink naturally flushed look.  The cheek stain is infused with Tarte’s t5 super fruit complex, giving your cheeks a luminous glow.  Very flirty indeed!



Everyone these days are going green and Tarte Cosmetics is no exception!  They’ve come up with a fabulous be good to your mother (earth) 24.7 natural lip sheers and reusable natural cotton tote set.  The reusable, eco-friendly tote comes with 3 natural lip sheers in shimmery coral, pink, and nude.  All of the lip sheers contain SPF15 and are wrapped in post-consumer recycled aluminum which helps reduce environmental waste.  The tote is perfect for carrying groceries, bringing to the beach or park, or traveling with.  So not only will you look fabulous wearing these 3 chic lip sheers – you will feel fabulous as well knowing that you are doing your part to help Mother Earth!


One of Tarte’s newest products is their ReCreate natural anti-aging foundation with Wrinkle Rewind Technology and SPF 15.  The first of it’s kind, this magical formula contains Wrinkle Rewind technology, a  proprietary complex which helps decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing skin’s overall moisture.  After trying this out, I definitely noticed a difference in my wrinkles around my eyes.  My face was instantly brightened thanks to the  micronized minerals contained in the formula.  ReCreate comes in an “airless” pump – so you can be sure to get every last anti-aging drop! 


For a flawless complexion, you must check out Tarte’s the eraser!  I unfortunately suffer from dark circles under my eyes occasionally – especially after a long night out, and after using the 4-in-1 concealer pen from Tarte, the dark shades under my eyes have been magically erased!  The reason for this is because unlike other concealers that just mask the problem, Tarte’s eraser contains skinvigorating ingredients that help treat and soothe irritated skin and blemishes.  Even better, the eraser can be used as an eyeshadow and lipstick base, perfect for creating a barrier that prevents against fading and creasing.  I love products good for more than one thing!  I noticed a tremendous difference after using the eraser – my eyes seemed brighter, which in turn awakened my entire face!  All of these fantastic Tarte products and more are available at








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