Review: PakNaks




What better way to show off your kids personalities than with some PakNaks!  What a PakNak you ask?  PakNaks are fun, soft, rubbery, 3D decorations for kids (and adults too).  Created by two moms who dreamed of starting a business, they consulted with their children about a product that kids would love and use and PakNaks were born.  PakNaks are super easy to use, just peel off the adhesive from the velcro, apply the velcro to the item in which you want the Nak, and then stick the Nak to it – that’s it!  PakNaks are interchangeable, so you can change your Nak designs whenever you feel like it!  The Naks are even weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain or snow.  PakNaks come in over 40 designs, we received the Mona flower design and Robert the Robot.  There is a design for everybody ranging from sports to butterflies and flowers to dinosaurs and insects.  The designs are bright, colorful, and cheery and will brighten up any backpack, headband, lunchbox, household items, and more!  The PakNak website is filled with fun ideas and projects including Nak coloring pages and an interactive Nak-Land game!  Have fun collecting different Naks and swapping with friends!  Available at



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