Review: Snugfits Tees for Tots




Snugfits has THE CUTEST onesies and tees for tots!  Created in 2008, Snugfits is a young company providing parents with modern clothing for babies and tots that feature bold messages of love, laughter, wit, cultural pride, political affiliation, and special interest.  I love the solid simplicity of the clothing, it’s carefree while effortlessly cute!  There are a variety of fun sayings to choose from including “dog person” (shown above), “daddy’s caddy”, “future ballerina”, the list is endless!  The sayings are modern, bold, and witty, and will allow your baby to express their personalities while at the same time getting oohhs, aahhs, and laughs at the neighborhood block party.  The fabric is incredibly soft with elasticity which allows free movement for babies and toddlers on the go!  There are a variety of colors available and you can choose from a short sleeve snap onesie, or a short sleeve or long sleeve tee.  Absolutely adorable!  Makes a great gift!  Available at  

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