Review: SkyBonz from Curious Toys




I love coming across unique toys – especially ones that allow kids to use their imagination!  That’s just what SkyBonz are from Curious Toys.  The set includes 60 extra-terrestrial,high flyin’, other-worldly, unidentified, shiny, spacey, anatomically incorrect pieces that you put together to make your own mobile!  The set contains a special connector that pivots a full 180 degrees that allows the characters created to be poseable and to interconnect.  I love that this set works with other Bonz sets (SeaBonz, DogBonz, DragonBonz, GloBonz, and the list goes on and on!)  So your child can have an entire collection of fun creations that they made all by themselves!  The set allows your child to use their imagination and creativity, something that is extremely important in young growing minds.  The Bonz toys from Curious Toys are so fabulous that they been honored four different times with awards:

• Parenting Magazine – Toys of the Year – Winner

• Creative Child Magazine – Preferred Choice Award 

• – Toy of the Week 

• National Parenting Publication’s (NAPPA) Honor Award 


Now what kid wouldn’t love to get this set of SkyBonz or any set of Bonz for their Birthday!  Available at    



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