That’s Caring Gift Baskets Review & Giveaway (CLOSED)




When I opened my Gourmet Gift Basket from That’s Caring, I was so excited!  The basket was filled with a variety of delicious treats and snacks including:


Havarti with Pesto Cheese 

Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Cheese

Focaccia Crackers

Mini Party Toasts

Fruit Spread

Gourmet Sausages (4)

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares (6 squares)

Anna’s Gourmet Cookies (3)

Lorina Sparkling Lemonade


Sure to impress friends, family and colleagues, the Gourmet Gift Basket from That’s Caring is not only filled with the finest gourmet spread, it also comes in the most beautiful packaging that is eco-friendly!  The tray that the goodies came in is made of all recycled materials and is sturdy enough to reuse as a tray, magazine rack, etc… (they even give you a  recycled card filled with ideas on how to reuse the basket)!  Even the bright green fill they put in the basket along with the Rafia ribbon are all environmentally friendly!  In addition to Gourmet Baskets, That’s Caring also has a variety of other gift baskets to choose from including Baked Goods, Home & Spa Baskets, Pasta Baskets,  and Sweets and Snacks.  So not only will you feel great about giving and receiving a That’s Caring Gift Basket – you will feel even better knowing that you are being eco-friendly as well!  Available at


About That’s Caring:

“we started That’s Caring because we’re passionate about doing right by the environment. Half the books on our bedside tables have the word “green” in the title, and we’re dedicated to doing whatever we can to help out—from participating in community events to thinking twice before we toss something in the trash. We’re not eco-saints by any stretch of the imagination—we have our fair share of environmental bad habits —but we try to do the green thing when we can.

That’s Caring was a great chance to combine our environmental enthusiasm with an equally great product: gift baskets that any person would jump at the chance to get. We’ve gone on an eco-expedition of sorts to find the highest quality, most environmentally responsible products and to institute the greenest possible procedures. Every little detail of our products and our processes, right down to the ribbon we use to tie up the baskets, has been exhaustively vetted for Earth friendliness. So while we personally may not be greenest kids on the block, That’s Caring and its products may very well qualify for that honor. We like to think we’re doing our little part for the Earth and giving others an avenue to do so as well.”





That’s Caring has graciously offered to give one of our readers their very own Gourmet Gift Basket (just like the one in our review)!  To enter, simply click HERE and fill out the entry form.  We’ll randomly pick a winner through and notify them by e-mail.  Contest ends on May 8, 2009!   




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  1. 1 Quanda

    I would like to try the immunity in orange flavor.

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