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I’m a sucker for luxury cleaning products.  I don’t know if they smell better, clean better, or if it’s the amazing packaging – they just make me happy!  Well, apparently I’m not the only one – Max Kater left her career as a successful Fashion Editor to become a stay-at-home Mom.  She dreamt of gorgeous housecleaning products that just didn’t exist.  With the help of her husband Peter, they created Murchison-Hume, a line of Premium Housecleaning Products.  We got to try their amazing “Boy’s Bathroom’ Cleaner” – which was formed out of inspiration from their two boys.  I absolutely love the name of the cleaner and even more so love how effective it is!  When I opened the package, I immediately had to test it out!  The cleaner has the most wonderful faint smell of Juniperberry and is also available in a fragrance-free formula.  It’s strong enough for the Men’s Room, yet gentle enough for The Ladies.  It gets rid of the grittiest dirt, scum, and odors and discourages mold and bacteria growth without the use of harsh chemicals.  The packaging is beautiful, and I actually wouldn’t mind leaving it out!  Murchison-Hume also has six other housecleaning products including: “Premium” Glass Polish,

“Counter Intelligence” Food Safe Surface Spray, “Spit and Polish” Chrome and Stainless Steel Cleaner, “Everyday Furniture Spritzer”, “Effortless” Floor Splash, and “Heirloom” Dishwashing Liquid that will have your home spic-and-span in no time!  They have a wonderful “Classic Six” Boxed Set that would make a fantastic house warming gift!  Murchison-Hume will be launching their products in the US this year, so keep an eye out!  To learn more and see full details of all of Murchison-Hume’s fabulous products, visit their website at



One Response to “Review: Murchison-Hume”

  1. 1 garveygirl

    I just wrote a blog post on eco-friendly household cleaners so I was excited to see your post. I love the design and name of the different lines for Murchison-Hume. I’ll have to talk my husband into spending a little bit more on a “luxury” brand. However, you got me sold on the “boy’s bathroom cleaner” alone.

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