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Mangiacotti was established in 1998 by Michele Mangiacotti with the vision of fresh ideas, creativity, and the simple premise that an every day item can be transformed into the perfect gift if it looks and smells exceptional.  When I received Mangiacotti’s kitchen soaps in three different scents, I was in awe of how beautiful and how much detail went in to every bottle.  I almost didn’t want to open them because they were so beautiful!  Each bottle is made of heavy glass and filled with a thick luxurious soap.  There is a silver pourer attached for easy pouring along with a charm with the signature Mangiacotti girl who captures the whimsical essence of the company.  The Lemon Verbena scented soap was a beautiful pale yellow shade and has the most refreshing scent – it actually makes me WANT to do the dishes!  The Pomegranate scent was rejuvenating and was the most brilliant shade of ruby red!  It surely would dress up anyone’s kitchen!  The third kitchen soap we tried was Mangiacotti’s Clementine scent.  It’s exactly what the bottle says – “a crisp citrus soap for your dishes!”  It filled my kitchen with the hint of freshly peeled oranges – invigorating!  The beautiful glass bottles that the soaps come in can be refilled and is the perfect replacement for that unsightly plastic bottle.  Along with kitchen soaps, Mangiacotti also has wonderful lotions, soap refills, surface cleaners, candles, air fresheners and more!  They come in the three fabulous scents mentioned above as well as Eden, Ocean, Lavender, Green Tea, and Holiday.  All of Mangiacotti’s products are beautifully packaged and ready to gift give!  Available at

About Mangiacotti:

“Mangiacotti was established in 1998 by Michele Mangiacotti, a former advertising and art director and designer of 14 years. Michele envisioned a company that embraced fresh ideas, creativity and the simple premise that an every day item can be transformed into the perfect gift if it looks and smells exceptional. Mangiacotti infuses a sense of pampering into our daily routines with beautiful personal care, luxurious homekeeping and home fragrance gifts available in The Mangiacotti Collection.

Mangiacotti is a light-hearted luxurious collection of beautiful personal care, homekeeping and home fragrance gifts. All our gifts are adorned with the signature Mangiacotti Girl who captures the whimsical essence of our company and is illustrated on the products as carefree and fun loving while performing everyday activities. The collection includes eight fragrances: Pomegranate, Clementine, Lemon Verbena, Ocean, Green Tea, Lavender, Holiday and Eden. The product line includes top selling premium liquid hand soap, shea butter lotion, surface cleaner, shea butter bar soap, soy candles, room and fabric spray, bath soak and air fresheners.

We are very aware the products we make today will affect our planet and future generations. Because of this awareness, we’ve focused our energy and resources on “greening” the Mangiacotti Collection. It is of the utmost importance for us to meet the growing demand of products that use recyclable materials, vegetable-based inks and formulas that are kind to Mother Earth.

We are proud to say that Mangiacotti products are earth-friendly, made with essential oils and plant-derived ingredients, never tested on animals and made in the U.S.A.

As we enter into our 10th year of business, we would personally like to thank you for your business and support. Our vision is clear. We hope you share in our vision for the future. Nurture your world, save the Earth.”



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