Review: Isabella Smith Apothecary – Maison Belle




Isabella Smith Apothecary is a Danish company devoted to creating and marketing biodegradable cleaning products and toiletries that are safe both for the environment and the people who use them.  We had the great opportunity to try out the All-Purpose “Spring” Cleaner.  It has the fresh smell of cucumbers and will lighten up your home for the Spring & Summer months!  The concentrated, non-toxic cleanser is suitable for all of your daily cleaning needs and works well on almost all surfaces including doors, walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets, lawn & patio furniture, toys, tiles, bathrooms & more!  I used it all over my home and was very impressed!  It felt like a brand new home – very refreshing indeed!  What I love about all-purpose cleaners is that in can do so many more things that just “windows” or “tubs”.  You don’t have to have a gazillion and one bottles of different cleaners lying around for each section of your home.  The All-Purpose Spring Cleaner from Isabella Smith is the only cleaner you’ll need to get the job done and get it done efficiently and effortlessly!  Available in our Bees Who Buzz Amazon Store under For The Home!



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