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It’s cocktail time!  Why not make it a little more special with a designer hand-painted wine, martini, or margarita glass from HuePhoria!  Each hand-blown glass features a painted “ball” to help your guests keep track of which drink is theirs!  They have 30 fun designs to choose from ranging from animal prints to colorful designs and holidays.  We were sent the adorable giraffe and zebra print wine glasses!  The glasses each come in their own individual gift box, ready to gift give!  The glasses are dishwasher safe, something I absolutely love, because most cocktail glasses are not.  HuePhoria also has a variety of brightly painted Salt ‘n Peppa Shakers as well as  Ornaments featuring different themes including golf and birthday.  Perfect for a hostess gift or to set out at your next party!  Available at

About HuePhoria:

“HuePhoria™ artists Jen and Lisa first met at their daughters’ preschool “Mom’s Coffee” in 1998. They quickly found common interests: throwing parties (fun & spontaneous), hiding purchases from their husbands, painting everything (even toilet seats), and wanting to make some extra pocket change. After selling their hand painted goods at local fundraisers and through word of mouth, they were no longer able to keep up with demand. Just when they were ready to hang up their paint brushes, dear friend Kathy (a NH Businesswoman) came along with ideas to jump start HuePhoria into the wholesale market.

In Fall of 2004, HuePhoria™ LLC was born with a goal to design, manufacture and distribute their unique product line to upscale gift boutiques. With a newly designed line of hand blown, hand painted, quality stemware, HuePhoria hit the retail market in Fall of 2005 and has been having a “ball” ever since!”



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