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Two sisters from Canada have come up with the greatest invention ever – The Toddler Feet Free Stroller Blanket Set!  Designed to keep your little one warm while on-the-go, the Napwell Feet-Free Blanket Set comes with a fleece liner and a lap blanket providing warmth and comfort from all angles!  It even contains openings for safety harness systems!  Simply place the liner into the stroller, slide the strollers safety belts through the proper openings, put your child in and buckle them up.  They then can lay the included lap blanket over them for extra warmth.  The liner snaps around them, enclosing them in comfort!  The liner and blanket are made with double layered 100% polyester fleece and come in customizable color combos!  Choose from a black or brown base color and then choose from 7 different accent colors (pink aster is shown above with brown as the base).  Another plus – this fantastic blanket system makes it easy for your child to hop in and out of the stroller without having to go through lengthy steps, just one snap and your done!  I wish they had this when I was a child!  

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About Napwell:

Our Mission

“Our mission is to design blankets to help children nap well. Our first design is our Toddler Stroller Blanket. It’s not just a blanket but also a wrap. A wrap to swaddle your toddler and a small blanket clutch for added comfort. We use 100% polyester fleece, doubled it up and picked some great colours offering you and your toddler a warm and fashionable place to nap well. We are also looking into recycled fleece and we hope that we will be offering eco-friendly blankets in the near future.”

Who we are

“We are two sisters that have a desire to make life a little bit easier with warm and fashionable solutions for kids on the move.

The magic starts here in our Ottawa sewing studio. Its small but all one needs is a sewing machine, patience and some imagination. So if you have something in mind that you just can’t find just drop us a note and we can see what magic we can create for you.”



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