Review: Michi Design Unique Pet Portraits





Check out this AMAZING portrait of Lola made by artist Alina Kremer of Michi Design!  Since 2005, Alina has been constructing charming portraits of people’s pets made with beautiful detail and vivid colors.  When I opened up the box containing the gorgeous painted canvas, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Lola looked so realistic, and the vibrant yellow background just popped out at me!  I can honestly say working with Alina was nothing but pleasant.  I was able to email her a variety of pictures of Lola and she graciously gave me great tips and her honest opinion on which one would work best.  A month later, I had a detailed hand-painted portrait right down to the smallest details!  She even emailed me with a copy of the painting before sending it off to make sure it was just right (it was perfect by the way)!  I think this is the most fascinating and unique rendition of your pet that you could ever own!  The portrait really captures Lola’s personality, as with all of her other paintings.  Alina uses acrylic on archival quality cotton canvas and covers it with a protective varnish so that it can easily be wiped clean.  Alina Kremer is an extremely talented artist and one of her works of art would make a unique and perfect gift for any animal lover!  Visit to see more of her paintings and get information on prices and contact information.



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