Review: Bummas




Diaper Rash…It’s an awful thing for your baby to have to go through and it’s just as awful for us mom’s and dad’s to have to deal with.  Thanks to Bummas, an eco-friendly set of 10 soft baby clothes, we can say bye-bye to diaper rash!  Bummas are soft, durable, super absorbent, and machine washable, so that you can use them over and over again!  They are made of an absorbent 100% cotton terry, perfect for drying off your little one’s bum after wiping and before getting them into a nice clean, dry, diaper.  They are also amazing to conquer those “surprise squirts”.  The company says that just one bumma cloth will soak up an entire pee, hence keeping you nice and dry!  They come in 4 colorful themed combinations:  The Boys (blues & greens), The Girls (pinks & reds), The Calm Ones (green, orange, and brown), and The Wild Ones (shown above).  Great to carry in your diaper bag or purse, so you’ll always be prepared!  Available at



One Response to “Review: Bummas”

  1. I have some of these and they’re such a great idea. I mostly use reusable wipes, but these are nice to dry off my son’s bum before putting on a diaper. They also work well as little washcloths in the tub.

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