Review: iTySE BiTySE Reusable Shopping Bag System





Did you know that the average US family uses approximately 1,000 plastic bags per year!  That number astonished me, and that’s why I love the iTySEiTySE is a company that has a wonderful line of reusable shopping bag systems.  We were sent one of their iTySE BiTySE bags.  The stylish designer fabric bag is filled with 4 mesh nylon bags and one rip-stop bag, all compacted inside.  It’s so perfect to keep in the car and you’ll always have it  when your ready to shop!  That was my problem – I wanted to be eco-friendly and bought a bunch of reusable bags at my local grocery store, however as soon as I came home from the store and brought my bags upstairs, I forgot to put them back in my car!  So the next time I went out to shop my reusable bags were no where to be seen!  The iTySE comes in comes in 2 different sizes: iTySE (large designer fabric outer bag) and biTySE (small designer fabric outer bag).  It comes in 4 stylish designs as well as solid black.  The iTySE system is washable and made in the USA!  Available at



2 Responses to “Review: iTySE BiTySE Reusable Shopping Bag System”

  1. These are so cute! I’m bookmarking this for my upcoming birthday…my husband knows where to look!

  2. 2 sarah

    I love this product! What a great way to have them all together AND compact!

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