Review: Eikon Digital Privacy Manager from UPEK



When I saw the Eikon Digital Privacy Manager from UPEK, I knew I just had to try it!  Not only does it look like something out of a movie, it’s actually really easy to set up and use!  You know how every time you download a new program, update an application, or change something around on your computer – they make you type in your password.  As safe as that is (I’m all about personal security)  it gets kind of annoying at times.  Gone is the constant typing of passwords, with one swipe of your finger, the Eikon Digital Privacy Manager recognizes your unique fingerprint and replaces that as your password.  Just simply install the included Protector Suite Software (available for both MAC and PC) plug the Eikon into your USB port, and swipe!  It automatically saves your unique print so that when the password required popup appears, you just have to swipe and wah-lah – instant access!  Visit to read more about this great little security gadget and to find out where you can get your very own!  Available in our Bees Who Buzz Amazon Store under Gadgets & Electronics!




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