Review: Bored Inc. Onesie & Plush Character



Bored Inc. is a mother & daughter design team from LA that makes the cutest line of products for men, women, toddlers, and babies!  The collections are filled with fun, colorful designs, and characters, sure to turn heads!  Bored Inc. sent us over a darling light blue baby onesie that features the character “Crabby Cakes.”   Crabby Cakes is featured on a 100% super soft cotton Onesie.  They also have a variety of other designs to choose from including “Cute as a Cupcake”, “Lil’ Dumpling”, and “Cutie Poo.”




In addition they sent us one of their handmade Stinky Poo Plushie characters!  The limited edition unique plushie is made of fleece and felt and are all handmade originals!  They come in three cute designs: Stinky Poo (seen above), Smarty Poo who is wearing some smart looking glasses, and Grumpy Poo, who sure looks grumpy!  Bored Inc. has great t-shirts for men & women, belts, wallets, coin purses, jewelry, tote bags and more!  It’s cute to be Bored!  Available at

About Bored Inc.:

“red Inc. is a mother & daughter design team based out of Los Angeles.

Our goal is to create products that make your everyday life a little but cuter!

Our products include Decorama™ vinyl wall art, tees, tote bags, jewelry and accessories.

We have over 11 years of experience working with manufacturers on a wide variety of products, and are constantly on the lookout for new product and licensing opportunities.

Please visit our ‘Licensing‘ page to find out more about the Bored Inc. brands.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Bored Inc., our products, brands, or our design services.




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