Review: Yeni from Yenithing




Don’t you just hate it when your giving your toddler or pet a bath and you end up getting more soaked than them, who’s actually in the water?  A Yeni is the answer!  What’s a Yeni you ask?  Well, it’s a fantastic terry cloth apron that keeps you dry while giving your baby or pet a bath!  The apron comes in a multitude of fun styles and can be personalized to make it custom!  Simply slip the adjustable strap over your head with the decorative apron falling flat across your front.  The apron then absorbs all the water from the splishes and splashes.  Once bath time is over, you can then use the bottom portion of the apron (which resembles a towel) to wrap up your baby or pet while you dry them off!  Now why didn’t I think of this!  Available at

About Yenithing:

“The company’s flagship product, the Yeni, was perfected by Julie Yenichek as a solution for a dryer, happier experience for Julie and husband Tony, while bathing their first child Jack and now little sis Katie.

Creating this functional, stylish product led Julie to the belief that all moms and dads should have access to this product to improve the quality of bathtime with their loved ones. Her other friends and moms-to-be loved the trendy aprons so much, it became Julie’s baby gift of choice. Word of mouth and demand spread, and the Yeni was born!

Yenithing offers six types of personalized, stylish and sophisticated bath aprons to keep active moms and dads dry during bath time for baby or their pets!

Julie is a working mom and besides Yenithing, Julie maintains an entrenched VP role with one of the world’s leading financial institutions. She has nearly a decade of marketing and public relations experience, specializing in branding, product launches and events. Her career has run the gambit from the non-profit sector to working for a major FORTUNE® 50 retailer.

Julie is a graduate of the University of Dayton and co-author of Make Your Own Miracle: Surviving Cancer, a book inspired by her time spent working with the American Cancer Society in Charlotte, NC.

Julie and her husband Tony, a physical education teacher, reside on Lake Norman, just north of Charlotte, NC. When not working, the couple loves spending family time on the Lake.”




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