Review: Claire Rich Designs Gourmet Cookies



Claire Rich Design graciously sent Bees Who Buzz some of the MOST AMAZING COOKIES we have ever tasted!  Not only were they gorgeous, the taste was out of this world!  They sent us two boxes, one with a variety sampling of their gourmet cookies, another with their Valentine’s Day collection.  Both were beautifully packaged, ready to give as a gift.  Claire Rich Cookies are made to order and made fresh without any preservatives.  With 14 amazing varieties to choose from, it’s easy to satisfy everyone’s craving!  Each cookie variety comes with a dozen, however if you can’t choose (because who can when it comes to cookies), they have great gift collections that contain a sampling of their gourmet cookies.  

The cookie varieties include:

Swiss Crisp – A star of a cookie with a hint of chocolate and orange liqueur. Generously sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

Almond Chocolate Espresso – Two distinct flavors in one cookie. Almond on one side and a dark rich cocoa espresso on the other.

Oatmeal Raisin Pecan – Toasted pecans, rum soaked raisins, and a touch of orange zest are added to this traditional favorite.

Chocolate (shown above) – The finest French cocoa surrounded by sugar creates a rich chocolate cookie.

Coconut – Coconut, dark rum and Madagascar bourbon vanilla dunked in a coating of white chocolate and coconut.

Mocha Sandwich – A dark chocolate ganache with coffee liqueur sandwiched in between two mocha cookies.

Maple Pecan – Embedded with toasted pecans and flavored with maple syrup. Drizzled with maple icing. 

Chocolate Domes – A cookie with the texture of cake made with bittersweet chocolate. Sprinkled with dark French cocoa and confectioners sugar.

Iced Gingerbread – Molasses, ginger and other spices blend together to create a crispy yet melt in your mouth cookie. Topped with elegant royal icing and sugar design. 

Butter Sandwich – A rich butter cookie filled with a bittersweet chocolate rum ganache.

Cranberry Sour Cherry – Cranberries and sour cherries mixed into an almond dough. 

Chocolate Chunk Walnut – A classic with chunks of bittersweet chocolate, walnuts and the warm flavor of Madagascar bourbon vanilla. 

Iced Lemon – A refreshing taste of pure lemon juice and zest topped with a swirl of lemon icing.

Almond Dipped Chocolate – Ground almonds and vanilla dipped in dark chocolate and generously sprinkled with sliced almonds. 

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One Response to “Review: Claire Rich Designs Gourmet Cookies”

  1. I love these cookies. These are the best cookies on the market. When the package arrives you know what is inside is going to be great since the outside even looks so good. I order them for all occassion gifts and for myself. Try them. You will love them!

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