Review: Snack & Play Travel Tray




The Snack & Tray Travel Tray from Star Kids is a wonderful and innovative product for families on the go.  The tray attaches perfectly to car seats and strollers providing a flat surface area for the kiddos to snack, color, read, or anything else that keeps them occupied during travel.  Not only is it a brilliant product, but it’s a safety tool as well.  Think about how many times you’ve been driving and your child drops their bottle or crayons and starts pitching a fit.  In the process of trying to shush our baby and make them happy, you are probably reaching and twisting around your seat (while driving, mind you – although you really should pull over and THEN get the object) and trying to pick up the dropped item.  With the Snack & Play Tray, there’s no more need for that.  The tray has a 2 inch lip, keeping all objects securely in reach along with handy mesh side pockets to easily store paper, crayons, snacks, and books.  The tray has a simple fastener making it easy and quick to take on and off.  The collapsible foam and nylon structure makes it easy to take on short or long road trips as well as to the park or on a plane!  Find out where to purchase the Snack & Play Travel Tray at 



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